All about the RRB Examination: Ultimate Guide


The RRB Paramedical Examination is a crucial step for candidates aspiring to enter the paramedical sector within the Indian Railways. This examination evaluates a wide array of skills and knowledge, from general awareness and logical reasoning to specific technical abilities pertinent to the healthcare field. Understanding the syllabus in depth is essential for effective preparation, enabling candidates to navigate through the diverse subjects covered and maximize their chances of success.


General Awareness:

  • History: Key events, personalities, and movements in Indian and World History.Geography: Physical, social, and economic geography of India and the world.
  • Economics: Basics of Indian Economy, fiscal and monetary policies, and important concepts like GDP, inflation, etc.
  • Politics: Constitution of India, key features, Panchayati Raj, public policies, and rights issues.
  • Sports: Major sports, tournaments, awards, and personalities associated with them.

General Intelligence and Reasoning:

  • Analogies and Classification: Identifying relationships or classifying items based on their characteristics. Coding-Decoding: Deciphering codes based on a set of rules.
  • Puzzles: Solving various kinds of puzzles, seating arrangements, scheduling, etc. Series: Identifying patterns and completing sequences of numbers, letters, or figures.


  • Number System: Concepts of numbers, simplification, and basic operations.
  • Profit and Loss: Calculation of profit and loss, discounts, and simple interest.
  • Average: Finding averages, understanding the concept of mean, and its applications.

General Science:

  • Physics: Fundamental concepts such as motion, energy, force, optics, and electricity.
  • Chemistry: Basic chemical reactions, properties of elements, compounds, mixtures, and daily life chemistry.
  • Biology: Basic concepts of biology including cell structure, function, human anatomy, physiology, diseases, and their causes.
  • Environmental Science: Environmental issues, conservation, biodiversity, and climate change.

Technical Abilities:

  • Anatomy and Physiology: Understanding the human body’s structure and functions.
  • Pharmacology: Knowledge of drugs, their actions, uses, and side effects.
  • Pathology: Study of diseases, their causes, and diagnostic methods.
  • Medical Terminology: Familiarity with medical terms and abbreviations commonly used in healthcare.

Exam Pattern for RRB Paramedical Examination

The RRB Paramedical Examination follows a specific pattern that candidates should be familiar with:

  1. Mode of Examination
    The examination is conducted in online mode (Computer Based Test).
  2. Number of Questions
    The total number of questions in the examination is 100.
  3. Duration
    The duration of the examination is 90 minutes.
  4. Marking Scheme
    Each question carries one mark, and there is a negative marking of 1/3rd mark for every wrong answer.
  5. Language
    The examination will be held in English.


In conclusion, the RRB Paramedical Examination is comprehensive, covering topics from General Awareness to specific Technical Abilities in the paramedical field. Candidates must focus on all areas, with a special emphasis on enhancing their technical knowledge relevant to their specialization. A well-rounded preparation, focusing on both the theoretical aspects and practical applications within each section, is key to achieving success in this examination. It opens the door to a rewarding career in the paramedical sector of the Indian Railways.

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