The Kashmir State Judiciary Exam: The Ultimate Exam Guide


The Kashmir state judiciary exam syllabus covers constitutional law, civil and criminal procedure codes, Indian penal code, evidence act, transfer of property act, specific relief act, family law, land laws, and current affairs. Additionally, it includes language proficiency in English and legal terminology. This comprehensive syllabus aims to assess candidates’ understanding of legal principles, procedural laws, and contemporary issues relevant to judicial practice in Kashmir.


The syllabus usually covers the following broad areas:

  1. Constitution of India:
    • Preamble
    • Fundamental Rights and Duties
    • Directive Principles of State Policy
    • Amendments to the Constitution
    • Role of Judiciary in upholding the Constitution
  2. Code of Civil Procedure:
    • Jurisdiction of Civil Courts
    • Pleadings and Written Statements
    • Summary Procedure
    • Appeals, Reference, Review, and Revision
    • Execution of Decrees and Orders
    • Limitation Act
  3. Code of Criminal Procedure:
    • Jurisdiction of Criminal Courts
    • Arrest, Bail, and Remand
    • Investigation and Trial
    • Charges, Trial, and Evidence
    • Sentencing and Appeals
    • Juvenile Justice
  4. Indian Penal Code:
    • General Principles
    • Offenses against the Human Body
    • Offenses against Property
    • Offenses against Women and Children
    • Offenses relating to Religion, Public Peace, and Morality
  5. Evidence Act:
    • Relevance of Facts
    • Burden of Proof
    • Witnesses
    • Examination of Witnesses
    • Documentary and Oral Evidence
  6. Transfer of Property Act:
    • Sale, Mortgage, Lease, and Gift
    • Rights and Liabilities of Lessor and Lessee
    • Transfer of Immovable Property
  7. Specific Relief Act:
    • Specific Performance of Contracts
    • Injunctions
  8. Limitation Act:
    • Computation of Period of Limitation
  9. Negotiable Instruments Act:
    • Negotiable Instruments
    • Liability of Parties
    • Dishonor and Discharge of Instruments
  10. Family Law:
    • Hindu Law
    • Muslim Law
    • Christian Law
    • Special Marriage Act
  11. Land Laws:
    • Agrarian Laws
    • Land Reforms
    • Tenancy Laws
  12. Constitutional Law:
    • Federal Structure
    • Fundamental Rights and Duties
    • Directive Principles of State Policy
    • Powers of President and Governors
  13. Current Affairs and General Knowledge:
    • National and International Events
    • Legal Developments
    • General Awareness
  14. Language Proficiency:
    • English Language Skills
    • Legal Terminology

This is a comprehensive syllabus, but the actual exam pattern and topics may vary from year to year. It’s advisable to refer to the official notification or website of the examining authority for the most accurate and updated information regarding the Kashmir state judiciary exam syllabus.


The Kashmir state judiciary exam syllabus encompasses a wide range of legal subjects, aiming to evaluate candidates’ proficiency in constitutional, civil, and criminal laws, along with their knowledge of current affairs and language skills. By covering these diverse areas, the syllabus ensures that successful candidates possess the necessary expertise to serve effectively as judicial officers in the Kashmir region, promoting justice and upholding the rule of law.

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